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My Name is Khan is all about the journey of discovery while traveling a road far from the bleakness of daily routine and surprisingly by accident falling upon what is best termed the accidental discovery.

Fafa Khan is such a find, and perhaps the discovery would never have been made if it had not been for the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth in Montreal, Prince and his Welcome 2 Canada Tour, Magpie fashion and running into Kate Good who would become a friend and as they say the rest is history.

Fafa is a delight to talk to and is no porcelain doll. Fafa is multi-talented and her flair for the creative has a wide range, from music, photography, fashion, and art. Here is the interview with the delightful straightforward Fafa Khan.

1. You are very creative person with many interest’s how did this come about ?

I’ve always been artistic my entire life. Constantly drawing and dancing as a kid I always had a need to do these things naturally. In high school I was voted head of the Art Department and once I graduated I then studied Fine Arts, Visual Arts and Creative Arts. I had the freedom and time to create my first collection of paintings at 18 as well as my first vernissage. Since then I have had three of my own art shows, 2 gallery exhibitions and 2 auctions for my artworks. I now study Art History at Concordia University in Montreal. I did this in parallel to other opportunities that came up working with photographers, videos, music, graphics and teaching dance I really enjoy anything creative and artistic.

2. What do you like doing the most or do you like everything creative that you do. Modeling, Photography, DJ ?

I get asked a lot what I will concentrate on the most in the future, to be honest I can’t do one thing without the other. Modeling opportunities came to me as favors for friends and then photographers started to notice. I essentially wanted to learn more about photography behind the camera so I modeled and learned at the same time. I already knew how to edit and photoshop pictures so I did that after the photoshoots. A lot of my paintings are photography inspired so that’s where I see the connection.

As for DJing I actually remixed songs for my dance classes and had to keep up with current music before I knew how to spin. I then got the offer to DJ at supperclub/bar type place and after got noticed by other clubs. To answer your question I can’t actually choose one thing I like the most since I love and need them all because they depend on each other.

3. How has your cultural family background added to your creativity?

Having a Pakistani mother and a half Japanese half Finnish father I can tell you my father is calm and collected and my mother is strong and opinionated. They are a perfect match and I guess my artwork shows a lot of contrast and complimentary colors. My parents are also engineers and have a structured background; I tend to mix geometric and abstract shapes together. They had influence on taking “art” as a future, since they are both so business oriented it made me work harder to prove being an all around artist can become a sufficient career.

4. As far as travel goes where would you like to go?

I’ve actually been lucky enough to travel the world due to my parent’s professions; the company they work with is international, so I had the opportunities to travel to places all around Europe, Asia, South America etc. The next future stop is hopefully Tokyo since I’m part Japanese I think it would have a great influence on my work.

5. What do you like about Montreal and London two cities that you spend time in?

London is mainly for family purposes, I see it as a second home, but it’s also a place I can pick up on newer things happening in the entertainment business, fashion, music. Etc that they receive first before people in Canada. Montreal is a perfect mix of Europe and Canada, everyone speaks several different languages and you will see for yourself most people are from all different kinds of nationalities. It’s also one big family, everyone knows each other here. I admire our months of winter because when the sun finally comes out people here appreciate it a lot more, which make Montreal summers amazing and full of things to do. Personally my work also varies in style depending on the time of the year, so I do like the fact we get all four seasons.

Talent in Canada is everywhere. Talent in the world is everywhere. Fafa Khan,makes the world dance.

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