Sexy Dirty Rock and Roll by Skag Barons

Life is about the adventure of discovery. I grew up on Indian classical music, as my uncle was a national hero in Pakistan as a recording artist and after my parents moved to Canada it was all about rock and roll.

When an old friend of mine Kevin Jones who’s brother has the band Foreigner, used to take me to clubs in Los Angeles to scout bands to manage there was always a surprise, a pleasant surprise of discovery. Maybe the band was not that good but the drummer was, or the band was good and needed a new lead singer.

Walking into the tavern that time forgot The Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto I was pleasantly surprised to discover a band that had all the elements Skag Barons. This band has recently opened for some big names in the rock world, including C’mon, Melissa Auf De Maur, The Hounds Below, Mini Mansions, and Baptized In Blood.

This band rocks, you don’t just stand and watch them, they make you move, and filled the tavern with sound that is pure, true, clear, jam’n rock and roll a sound that does not, will not, fade away.

David Grohl, of the Foo Fighters, said it all at the Grammy’s this year. Perfect your art, music comes from the heart, and let me tell you Skag Barons keep it real, keep it true, and are on there way. I can see them rocking London, Berlin, Shanghai, it’s clear to me that their music is in the air and it’s infectious.

I am all about live performance and these guys can rock it on stage. I sat down with Kris Pageau after the show for a short chat backstage here are some of his thoughts.

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