Brit Awards to Eastend Promises – London Calling!

Music is London Calling! Tonight the action is at the Brit Awards 2012, and Adele who cleaned up at the Grammys is possibly going to do the same at the Brit Awards.

While class has played a part in the music scene in London,Anthony Newley was one of the first Cockney pop singers who convey the depths of songwriting craft as a writer and as a performer. Bowie was influenced by Newley as well as by Syd Barrett with respect that both writers expressed themselves via using their British accents and writing about subjects close to home. A lot of pop was an imitation of American singers at the time. But Newley in the 60’s pushed a rather strong British sound to his mainstream pop.

Tonight while the big band’s play and much is talked about Adele or Blur, it’s also important to take note of the young lad’s, dude’s, from the Eastend Promises. They work collectively as one unit are proud of being from the East end, and Brits to the core, filled with talent. London, I love this city, and it’s richness of creativity and the Eastend Promises is only adding another layer to the history of music that comes from London town. While the music plays at O2, the spotlight should also be directed to Eastend Promises a band that is starting to make a mark and love to perform live. After all it’s all about live performance. Eastend Promises come from the land that gave us Merlin and Camelot, from the people that will bend but never break, they are from the East end and they believe that magic is real and dreams can come true. They intended to make the world dance to their music.

Here is an interview from London with the band, as they prepare to debut a single and album in 2012. Keep your eye’s and ears open for Lewis Doc Holiday Youles, Fonzi LaFonz, Wayne Maynard and Iason Everitt the collective force of the band Eastend Promises.

1. How did the four of you come together, to form the band ?

Lewis and Wayne met in secondary school became mates because they shared the same interests, Wayne told Lewis he was playing drums in a band and said they needed a bass player so Lewis learned bass. Together they formed a few different bands and just enjoyed being Musicians for a while, Then Lewis, Wayne another friend spike and Lewis’s brother Jake aka Fonzi formed EastEnd promises. Spike left the band so we pulled in Iason who we met through gigs and it was the best thing we could of done, Iason has been playing drums since he was 10 and has a Glastonbury upbringing, so brought up in Music.

2. Do you write collectively, lyric, or experiment together who do you bring the magic of words and music together?

Lewis writes the lyrics, but musically we all arrange our own parts on our own instruments. We generally arrange the music first then the lyrics come after.

3. Being form the heart of the East End your keeping it real, what did you think of Dave Grohl’s comments at the Grammys speech about learning your trade, and music from the mind and heart ? Is this kinda of your outlook as well?

(Lewis) Personally I think he hit the nail on the head, music in the charts now days doesn’t seem to mean anything to anyone, its just club beats. I feel he put it a lot more subtle than I would have. Today the chart appears to be full of Commercial R&B, Pop, Hip Hop, and although those genres all have their place, I can’t understand how so many people can listen to it when In my opinion a good 80% of it is just brain dead rubbish! The same drum beat and all produced through a bloody computer. Listen to a live Band your hear and appreciate the difference.

4. David Bowie and I sat down once and I told him my favorite band was Queen, who is or was your favorite band? Not artist. As I did tell Bowie he was my favorite artist followed by Prince!

We all have loads but the ones that inspire us most are Jimmy Eat World, Incubus, Kings of Leon, Foo Fighters, Coheed and Cumbria, and the Police. All those bands are just so talented and great live. We take so much from those bands but Lewis and Fonzi (Brothers) biggest influence is their Granddad and Uncle, both are Jazz singers and definitely had a big impact on their lives. They are the reason they do what we do, of course Lewis being the Lead Singer.

5. What inspired each of you to be in music?

Lewis and Jake (Fonzi) Their Grandad, with out a doubt, hes been singing since he was 8 and has been all over the country, he started in a skiffle band, then moved on to jazz as he got older. His first solo gig was in The Roundhouse Dagenham. He was always singing and playing piano, just so natural when he sings live. Wayne fell in love with music suddenly in a music lesson in school. One day he said to himself “right today i’ am gonna knuckle down” and after that he was hooked. Iason, Was brought up around music Glastonbury so it came natural to him being around many musical influences, Playing drums from age 10.

6. Are you guys excited to host the biggest party the Olympic’s in London?

It has defiantly given us a sense of national pride especially as it will be on our own doorstep. The stadiums looking nice and as the Olympic date approaches you sense a good buzz from the Local community so hopefully it will give our country a nice boost. Financially at least.

7. What are your dreams? Collectively as a band ?

For us it’s just to play music for a decent living, to have people singing our songs back to us, to have packed out arenas with people queuing to hear our songs and watch us perform live, What’s better in this whole wide world than that? Seeing the world and singing about it, telling our grand kids that you had a Number 1 album would be amazing, being that person/band that all those kids want to be like to influence our future generation, its just the ultimate goal so hopefully our chance will come, we will certainly give it our best shot.

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