Brit Awards hard-up for new female solo artist- Lana Del Rey

“This award means much more to me than you know and I just want to say that without the support from everyone in the UK I would be lost,” Lana said while accepting the award. “I love you. And thank you to my managers and everyone at Interscope. Thank you.”

Lana Del Rey who was trying to make a mark in the big league’s that is USA, and she bombed big time. Enter the back up plan, swim across the ocean like a mermaid where the Brits who had nothing else to do gave her Best International Breakthrough Act at the BRIT Awards 2012. This to a girl who can’t sing, has no showbiz pzazz whatsoever on the stage. This is like going back to the old school Brit food, boring.

Lana Del Rey has admitted herself she has no idea if she is going to stay the course and keep singing. What really irritates me is that I have just finished interviewing a hard working East-end band from London, Eastend Promises who must be sitting in a pub drinking a pint and wondering “WTF”!

The 25-year-old singer looked hot and she is great as a model wore an eye catching scarlet off-the-shoulder Vivienne Westwood dress.

The star has been a recent success in the UK, with her album Born To Die taking the number one spot in the album charts and single Video Games hitting the top ten last year.

Mulberry sell those handbag’s. All the girls are gonna wanna Lana.

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