Babe and strings – Lara St. John

“It is difficult to argue with such a technically dazzling and unfailingly musical interpretation.”

-Gramophone Magazine

Magpie fashion is bewitching created in a haunting manner by two women who are close to my heart, because they are creative, beautiful women that fly by the seat of their pants, creating fashion for both men and women that is alluring, enchanting, bewildering, dramatic, originally creativity from their imagination that is so Merlinish. The House of Magpie is a magical kingdom where those of rock, such as Prince, Andy Allo, Kevin Hearn of Barenaked Ladies, and members of Pear Jam have come to be outfitted. No Magpie fashion is not just for rock star’s, it also for those who pull strings, such as Canadian violinist Lara St. John, who wears a Magpie design dress on the cover for her album Bach Sonata’s.

The Strad magazine selected Laura St. John as one of “the stars of the next decade” and called her “an electrifying player, as deeply satisfying in Bach as she is bewitchingly seductive in Waxman’s ‘Carmen’ Fantasy. The L.A. Times has said: “St. John brings to the stage personal charisma, an unflagging musical imagination and genuine passion. Her two albums to date are bona-fide classics of the violin discography.”

Lara began playing the violin when she was 2 years old. She first soloed with orchestra at age 5, and made her European debut with the Gulbenkian Orchestra (Lisbon) five years later. She toured Spain, France, Portugal and Hungary at ages 12 and 13, entered the Curtis Institute at 14, and spent her first summer at Marlboro three years later. Bach Sonatas was released on her own label. Lara and Magpie fashion create a kingdom where magic is real and dreams come true.

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