Jessica Mitchell exclusive straight from the heart !

Foo Fighters said it best tonight at the Grammy’s, they recorded their album in the garage, nothing fancy, just plain good old music, working on it slowly at their own pace, creating pure magic from the heart.

Jessica Mitchell has been doing just that as well. Jessica is putting the finishing touch’s on her first full album, she is taking her time doing it, using her gifts of words, reaching deep into her soul to touch emotions that maybe painful but which lend themselves to feeling that are converted into lyric and music with her voice producing magic. This is what being an “Artist” is all about. Like Adele said tonight her album Rolling in the Deep was inspired by a rubbish relationship, as was the case with Alanis, and it’s something we all have experienced that bad relationship that scar’s, hurts, and you just have to let it hurt but like the clouds that pass allowing the sun to shine on you the hurting stops and something good always comes out of it.  In the case of Adele a Grammy winning album and now here we go with Jessica.  In this world anything is possible.

Sitting down with Jessica prior to the Grammy’s it was clear that her parents had been a big influence. They provided her not only with the gift of music, but also the material for her writing. Her album is a road trip of her life experience’s so far. It’s her Jagged Little Pill. It was funny sitting with her, it reminded me of the time sitting down with Alanis Morissette in Los Angles when she had just finished her album Jagged Pill. This was in a strange way a full circle back to Toronto. Jessica wrote her entire album and when she performs live she is a professional, she gives you everything, holding nothing back. Her music is full of range from soft ballads, to rock, to full blown anger in your grill songs and that is life, it’s a road with twits and turns. My Name is Khan will be tracking Jessica Mitchell the Canadian singer, songwriter, musician as she creates magic in her kingdom of music making dreams come true proving once again that magic is real.  My thanks to Jessica Mitchell for making the time and providing these tunes for all to enjoy. Have a listen and enjoy the voice and the words.

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