A Voice that touched so many heart’s gone! Whitney Houston

We have a great script they told me, I did not agree. So they called me into the office in London to explain why I did not want to make the film Waiting To Exhale. I said, “look the script is just not good enough, but don’t get me wrong, the movie will be a hit, because of Whitney Houston.”
I am not going to get into “oh the drug’s” and all that kind of stuff. I know one thing this women touched my heart so many times with her voice, I always marveled at her range, that is a key word in music, range. She had it, she had it going on, the magic of her voice to lift you over the tallest mountain you were facing. It was magic that is now gone. Whitney Houston was found in her bathroom at the Beverly Hilton Hotel dead, she was going to perform at Clive Davis’s big party, the man that made her, but she is gone, and so close to Clive, and all those in the music business, dying in the company of her peers. Thank you Whitney for giving and sharing some great music with your voice. The girl to whom Magic was real and for whom dreams came true.

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