OMG it’s Madonna Sunset Tower Hotel – Superbowl 2012

Madonna and I go back a long time. This Michigan girl will rock the half time show at Superbowl while a former University of Michigan quarterback now a superstar with a super hot super model Mr. Tom Brady will be rocking the game.

My friend Tim and I where sitting in my opinion at one of the coolest patios in West Hollywood, at the Sunset Tower Hotel many years ago when Madonna made a grand entrance. Madonna was about to do an interview for a French Vogue, poolside overlooking Los Angles, and trust me this is a great view. Naturally Madonna was accompanied with her usual entourage, a member of this team went around clearing people off the patio as Madonna had requested. Tim and I were chill’n and kicking back and when it came time to tell us we would have to leave, both Tim and I said, “Tell Madonna no way f–k off!”. A very nervous looking assistant to an assistant reported this back and Madonna now standing on the other side of the pool, looked in our direction. Tim looked like a hell’s angle kinda dude, long hair cross earing’s touching his shoulder’s, while I had my sunglass’s drinking my cranberry and Evian mix, and at this moment I could not resist doing my “You look’n at me?” line. We were allowed to stay.

Year’s later a young girl from Canada came down with Tim from Toronto and we met back at the Sunset Tower Hotel at the very same spot. I told this young Canadian singer that Madonna once tried to kick us off this patio, and asked her which label did she like on her visit to Los Angles? Madonna, came back the reply. Yes, this girl signed with Madonna’s label Maverick and soon my friends were calling me to tell me that my friend was all over the television and her song was a big hit. Canadian recording artist and songwriter Alanis Morissette Jagged Little Pill sold over 33 million copies worldwide and all those hundred’s of millions went through Madonna’s company. My very dear friend ended up doing Madonna’s Blond Ambition World Tour’s and a fellow Toronto man Arthur Fogel ended up looking after Madonna on her tours with Clear Channel Touring spun off into what is now Live Nation.

Does Madonna have a sixth sense? She had the sense not to kick us off the patio of the Sunset Tower Hotel, cause you never know. Magic is real and dream’s come true in Hollywood, Sunset Tower Hotel, and magic is what will happen when Madonna takes the field on Super Bowl Sunday 2012.

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