UK singer Rumer dream big dream fierce !

David Bowie, and I were sitting having dinner in Los Angles, engrossed in an intense conversation in our booth. David told me, he had tired everything, that he was a graphic artist, thought that he was going to quit music, nothing was working. He was walking past a thrift shop saw an outfit, bought it, took some pic’s put it on a new album and the rest was history. That is how close we came my friends to not having David Bowie in the music business.  In 2012 My Name Is Khan’s tag lines has been magic is real and dreams come true, things don’t just happen, and sometimes you wonder if they ever will, all I can say is you have to believe first in yourself, and then the world and the universe will believe in you. United Kingdom singer Rumer says about her twist and turns.

“Did I ever feel like giving up? Every day! I’d tell myself: ‘I should train to become a teacher instead.’ But every time the application form came in, I just couldn’t do it. I’ve always believed I had something to offer and I knew my music was good.”

It’s a good job she stuck at it, because now, after 10 years of toil, Rumer is in the process of making it very big indeed. But not for her any tabloid-baiting antics: in person, she is no-nonsense and quite intense, with the steeliness of one who has seen too many opportunities slip away. She presents herself unassumingly: for the interview she is dressed in jeans and a plain grey dress. Her music, which harks back to classic American singer-songwriters of the 70s such as Carole King and Laura Nyro, is powerful without having to raise its voice. If you’ve been near a radio recently, you’ll have probably heard her debut single, “Slow”. At first listen, it feels pleasantly lulling, with a hint of Norah Jones about it, but closer inspection reveals a sharp edge honed by unrequited love. The silk voice is just magic, proving that magic is real and dreams do come true.

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