Lana Del Rey – Not ready for primetime model or singer ?

Flashing your underarms was the hottest trend in modeling. Well, guess what? Armpit flaunting is so hot, it’s carried over into 2012. Yes! and that is why I selected this photo of American singer Lana Del Rey who has also just signed a modeling contract. Fashion parties, runway shows, modeling agencies, Lana Del Rey and her music have been popping up everywhere. The sexpot singer made her Saturday Night Live debut on Jan. 14, one of fewer than a handful of artists to nab the coveted slot before releasing a first album (Del Rey’s Born to Die is due out Jan. 31 on Interscope), and reaction has been surprisingly harsh.

“I don’t know what the big deal is”

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So would I have let Lana Del Rey take the stage, NO WAY! If I was managing her for live performance I would have prepared her better, she’s got it but you can’t go on live network television before your album is out and look green. Justin Bieber is an example of preparation meeting opportunity the guys been ready waiting to go live all his life, and can pull off a performance anywhere on the sidewalk, garage, cafe, anywhere he’s been doing it. There is too much talent out there to waist this moment, I personally know performers who can kill it on the stage if given the chance. Everything about Lana’s performance could have been enhanced, and then you have people talking. Lana , girl get a good stage coach. As for modeling well you can see she’s got the looks and she can endure the long tedious photo shoots. My money is on her modeling it’s gonna take off, her live show needs work, because it’s flat right now, and a new stage look. You can check it out here!

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