Meryl Streep the iron lady of Oscars !

The Iron Lady confirms this: the last Hollywood demigoddess retains her mimetic abilities. It takes just a few seconds to realize that everything is spot-on: the voice, the accent, the gaze. The last thirty years of life flash before our eyes: the pearls, the hair-sprayed bouffant, the stiff suits. Since the end of her mandate, Margaret Thatcher has mutated into a living legend: very few Prime Ministers have been the object of such vivid, acute popular criticism and dislike. Thatcher’s is a heavy legacy, made all the heavier by the fact that the character in the film is still alive and kicking. Songs were written that demanded her resignation (Simply Red’s She’ll Have to Go) or disputed specific dispositions made by her government, such as Clause 28, which outlawed any “promotion of homosexuality”. Series of books chronicled life in the time of “Maggie”, such as the diaries of Adrian Mole by Sue Townsend, which were openly, brashly critical of her economic policy. A number of films were set against the miners’ strikes, among which Billy Elliot and Brassed Off. Thatcher, she had balls, unlike George Bush who had the chance to finish Saddam off during “Desert Storm” but did not have the ball to do it. Thatcher had told Bush if you are going to start it, make certain you have the balls to finish it. It seems that is all she ever cared about. While I liked her to a point, there was the other side of her that like so many others I did not like.

After seeing the film, one thing is absolutely clear, there is no equal to Meryl Streep. One thing we all know that everyone keeps their Oscars on a mantel-piece, such as the one I once slept with found on while staying the night in Ruth Jhabvala’s apartment on the mantel piece in New York for A Room With A View. So where would the Oscars be in Meryl Streep’s house? yes the mantel piece, under the stairs, in closets, in the guest house, she has enough for the laundry room as well. Meryl Streep in the Iron Lady can do no wrong, it is effortless acting, that is what one is suppose to think, a true sign of a great actor. This and this only is the reason to see this film. To see the diva of the silver screen.

As for the film itself you feel nothing. Is this a love story, a women in a man’s world, come on, that was done long time ago by HRH Elizabeth I, in comparing the two films there is no comparison. I was in the room when Shaker Kapoor was telling his writers you need to get through a barrier and get in-touch with your female side, this is a story of a women, a passionate women who has to be like a man. When you watch Elizabeth it’s all there on the screen you feel it. To me this was once again a film to see and just marvel at the outstanding actor the one and only, Meryl Streep.

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