Why I like Julia Frauche

Julia Frauche is from France, keeps it real, is still pissed off over being pushed aside with all the other girls by the photographers trying to get to Lindsay Lohan, and who can blame her,it’s just all funny to her. She is dreaming about going to Mongolia the land of The Great Khan to go horse-back riding alone. I like her because, her favorite dress will be her wedding dress, her desire to open a tea shop after she finish’s modeling, and her music preference for Red Hot Chili Peppers, being a mom one day with a lot of kids. Here is a look at Julia, and her interview with Vogue Italia.

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Julia Frauche.
I start modelling
“Five years ago, when I moved to Paris after being graduate from school. I came to Paris for my university and I’ve been scouted so I stop university.”
My Style is
“I don’t have a special style, I like to feel comfortable in my clothes so I can wear anything as soon as I feel good in it!”
Fashion Tip
“To feel confident in every situation.”
My favourite TopModel is
“Raquel Zimmerman because so many people tell me that I look a little bit like her, it’s a really nice compliment and I heard she is a really nice girl.”
My favourite dress is
“It would be my wedding dress, one day.”
A funny fashion moment
“Last season in NYC Lindsay Lohan came in the backstage and all models were in the line up. At this moment everyone get crazy and all the photographers pushed us to take pictures of her. We almost fall done and it was really crazy how people act when there is someone famous around.”
“I read a lot because I spend a lot of time in the plane. I like some french writters like Amelie Nothomb, Marc Levy or Guillaume Musso. I like every kind of movies except horror movies because I am too scared! I like also french movies and romantic comedy (I’m a girl!).”
My best experience was
“The last season because I was really surprise to walk all those shows and it was amaizing to work with all those designers.”
Future and Projects
“After modeling I would like to have my little “salon de the” and cook cakes by myself.”
My biggest dream
“To be happy at the end of my life and have no regrets. Have the feelings that I did everythings I’d want.”
One day I want
“To be a mum and have a lot of kids!”
“I am dreaming about going to Mongolia alone and visiting the country by horse and meet real people who lives in the nature in the middle of nowhere
I Love
“Being home with my boyfriend and family.”

Marilena Borgna

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