A Princess for Prince in Purple !

Princess Diamonique has her tickets to the concert, a great concert, by an artist who has recognized women of talent and given them a shot, the master of funk, the ever talented Prince. There is one problem however. How to get to Seattle. The city in which billionaire Paul Allen the co-founder of Microsoft has a museum for the legendary guitarist Jimmy Hendrix and where now another a guitarist with riffs to twist will put on a display of his works in the magical fashion, in style, glitz, fashion fused with lighting to enhance the experience as only Prince can. This is a show not to be missed. This is not about a fan, it is however about a person who has been like so many others inspired by Prince, to challenge themselves and evolve as a singer songwriter. Princess Diamonique has demonstrated to me her tenacity to keep plugging away and it is artist’s such as her that always prevail or write those magical words that put to music could change the world or someone’s life. Something Prince know’s all too well how to do. So how did this all start. Here in her own words is her story.

One day I heard ‘When Doves Cry’ by Prince. It is safe to say I was hooked. I played the vinyl until I needed to buy a new one! But my mum was cool saying “He rocks like no other.” But then I found the album ‘Soft and Wet’ and ‘Dirty Minds.’ My mother banned Prince from the house and forbade me to listen to him. I hid all my records of Prince under my carpet under my bed from that moment on. I also crept out to attend concerts.  I was taking as many singing lessons as I secretly could and upon leaving school took evening classes for Music Production and Recording. At some point Robert Biknall was my singing teacher and Point Blank Studio’s ( then in Greenwich, London) for studio engineering.

I continued to Listen to Prince attending all concerts that came to London. But it was the Tour of 1989 in Wembley arena, 20 Silk Purple Roses that I found my passion and style for writing songs. I kept up my skills enrolling into Production Courses and Musical Theaters, Drama Classes and the like. During all this time I kept being told I would get no where and that my songs were rubbish. However I was determined to succeed and so pushed myself to continue moving forward. I was also now married and was blessed with 3 children, 2 girls and 1 boy. All of whom are all round performers and my youngest Daughter gaining additional skills as a Chef, training with Jamie Oliver. I was not prepared for the death of my husband in 2005. It was Prince’s music which helped me through. Listening to Emancipation, and the single ‘So Dark’ from the album ‘Come’ was my company for many months. Musicology was my climbing frame back if you like.

But I was still remained unnoticed until 2007 when Prince came to London with the Earth Tour for 21 Nights. By then my music was beginning to take shape and I had found a style I liked. I attended all 21 Nights, and all aftershow parties except for the VIP After Show Party as it was sold out! My experience with Prince on that last night led me to write ‘Purple Roses’ and ‘Prince.’ You see, Prince came close to the side of the stage. I had the chance to talk to him and yet I froze. The words were there in my head, I could hear them, but they just wouldn’t come out. I kicked myself to say the Least for a whole year. It was then when I had placed my music up on myspace that I was contacted by my now manager Sharon Brown of A4PA.com. Sharon had heard my music and decided she wanted me and booked me an audition. I had convinced myself however that I would be no good and so did not bother going. Then Sharon phoned me to ask where I was and didn’t take no for an answer. Promptly sending a car, I had 20 minutes to get ready. So I went, auditioned, and was taken on by A4PA. My single ‘Prince’ is her favourite one to date, of which I performed at #1 Leicester square, SOUND. I am continuing to write music and record when I can get studio time at Xcess Studios Brick Lane. They are always busy but they are the only ones I trust. Prince and his music admist an ever changing world. Prince’s songs touch you. My love and passion for Prince comes from his tenacity and his ability to stay true to himself. I continue to write to my own style, despite being told to do covers. But I prefer my own. In this business, being true to yourself is what gets you through the endless knock backs you receive before finding the right door. So don’t ever give up on your dreams.

I asked Princess Diamonique her thoughts on Andy Allo:
Andy Allo is a breath of fresh air with her music taking a well deserved place in the Music charts. Her Cameroonian Roots are definately heard within her music and is a joy to listen to.

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