Chef of Champagne – Paris to Bombay, Dom Perignon Baby !

After receiving his chef training at Mumbai’s prestigious Oberoi Hotel, Vineet Bhatia immigrated to England. His work at Zaika then made him Europe’s first chef of Indian cuisine to be awarded a Michelin star.

How do you begin this exotic journey into the world of Chef Vaneet Bhatia and the King of fizz Dom Perignon? The women I know who are alluringly spellbinding and can enslave any man with their teasing sorcery with a wave of their hand as if it was a magic wand, start with a bottle of Dom Perignon and a luxury bath.
Karl Lagerfeld showcased his collection of Chanel Paris to Bombay in the splendor of a Indian Palace he also did a photo shoot for Dom Perignon. My dear friend from London Michelin awarded Chef Vaneet Bhatia was appointed to create a Indian dining experience for the King of fizz Dom Perignon. Fashion and Champagne go hand and hand, after all LVMH owns the champagne brand Dom Pérignon and beauty brands such as Louis Vuitton and Guerlain.
This has been the first time that Dom Perignon selected Indian food to feature for it’s Dom Perignon affair. Why not, if Karl Lagerfeld is doing it at Chanel and you have a Chef such as Vaneet Bhatia. To experience the food of Chef Bhatia is without question being on a magical train of old the Orient Express with provocatively clad women with a yen for food. It is an adventure. He is the King of Spice. He is constantly creating. Inventing. The food is a fantasy of taste. I have known the Chef for twenty years or so and all I can say, when it comes to Indian foods Chef Vaneet Bhatia rules. If you have not been to his restaurant in London Rasoi on Lincoln Street I urge you go, life is too short to pass this up. Bravo Chef. The adventure never stops for My Name is Khan.

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