Peirson Ross to Prince! Welcome 2 Canada!

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Singer-songwriter Peirson Ross performed at The Great Hall in Toronto tonight with an openness and the purity of heart that resounded throughout the hall. Prior to going on-stage Peirson Ross who knew I would be traveling to Montreal presented a CD “A Boy Caught on Words” to present to Prince on his Welcome2Canada Tour a gesture from a Canadian, a musician to the legend of music with a statement “Prince big fan of Purple Rain”. There is not a soul that has not been touched by the music of Prince and his accomplishments in music. Peirson Ross has an openness and intuitive understanding of musical instrumentation and a natural ability to “sing on the fly”. The man cross’s the boundaries of traditional folk music with his experimental, world-influenced melodies with lyric’s that are conversations. Toronto and Canada has great talent and each and everyone of them welcome Prince to Canada with warmth as if he was their own. Peirson Ross in not a boy caught on words as his album would have you believe he is a artist who values words and express’s them with a finely tuned voice. The adventure never stops on My Name is Khan nor the endless welcome’s for Prince.

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