Rapscallions on Rocksmith with California Dream

Prince was in town to kick start his Welcome 2 Canada Tour, and if you did not know it Prince is the only artist to have the credits, producer, composer, lyric’s, singer, and performer as he played all the instruments on his first album while 21 years of age. Times now have changed and if you are a young aspiring musician and want to learn to play guitar you are probably going to end up learning it on Rocksmith for Xbox to the tune of my friends band Rapscallions. The best time I had during the Toronto International Film Festival was hanging out with Chris Clemence and doing a photo shoot with Toronto photographer Michael Patrick. It’s rare when you have everyone on the same page, and Chris not only went crazy full of creative energy he also donned on the fashion of Toronto’s own cutting edge fashion house Magpie the exclusive designers to visiting rock stars. Yes, Prince is a legend the master of funk, pop , jazz and rock he has inspired so many and when I spoke to Chris about Prince his response was “epic”.
The Rapscallion are the next big thing, and I am telling you this because they just did a show in Vegas and what ever happened in Vegas did not stay in Vegas. The word was out, the band rocked it with the creative energy, it’s just pure free energy, and to top it all off they are really nice dude’s who love to have fun, make music their passion and like to roll with whatever!, just like true California surfer dude’s would with a wave, just go with it. They’re a California group mixing rock, rap, and funk. Prince should have this band as his opening act, and let me tell you that would be cool, but what would really be dope if Prince and the Rapscallions jammed, that could be just be an all time high. The band has smooth up beat guitar riffs, killer bass grooves, and some great vocal performances by vocalist Matt Still. My buddy Chris well his bass groove’s are wicked. California Brain the single on Rocksmith is a freaking great song, I live the lyric’s in my dream’s “California is all I see when I close my eyes”. This song is so well done. It has the awesome rap vocals during the chorus singing over the smooth lead guitar lines, and another great bass riff matching a great drumbeat from Adam Fisher. The chorus is great and the classy solo provided by guitarist Dario Forzato is done well. I can see these guys explode, China, India, Germany and United Kingdom but then again the world is shrinking and if I was Prince I would call these guy’s up and do some mini gig’s. Prince listen up my man, let’s do a show with these dude’s in Vancouver what do you say?


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