Prince ! Funk to Brazilian F1 Global Express

Welcome2Canada Prince, a short break so why not do a Bem-Vindo2Brasil Formula One, thanks to Canada’s Bombardier Global Express 6000. Bombardier has John Travolta as it’s Global Ambassador and we know John can dance but come on John Travolta himself would give up if he had to dance to keep up with Prince and certainly can’t lay down riff’s on a Fender like the master of funk, pop, and rock. So you have a few day’s before the next gig what do you do? you jet down to check out the Brazilian Grand Prix in Sao Paulo. Lady Gaga did Indian F1 so imagine what would happen if Prince was to show up, he could and he can, thanks to the Ultra- Cool the jet that is as cool as Prince has the funk of Prince, Bombardier’s Global Express 6000. The guys at Bombardier better throw one great party for Prince when he hit’s Montreal. Why have access to business jet’s if you can’t do things such as finish a show, do a jam session with some local musicians in Toronto, jump on a jet, with eight close friends and check out the last F1 race in Sao Paulo, perhaps jam at a club with all the F1 drivers in attendance. It is possible and made easy, comfortable thanks to Bombardier Global Express 6000. So when someone tell’s you, “Man can you and Prince kick it down to the Brazilian F1 ?”, guess what you can, get the band and go, be back for the next date on the tour and you have just shrink wrapped the world, without missing a beat.
The Global 6000 jet features the largest cabin of any purpose-built corporate aircraft, provides six feet three inches of stand-up height making Prince feel he has all the room in the world, certainly more then the tour bus. Kenny the promoter worried about the tour or needs to stay in touch with Live Nation Entertainment for that matter anyone want to stay connected not to worry as you have Ethernet-based airborne Local Area Network, complemented by an in-cabin telephone system capable of interfacing with a multi-channel satellite communications system comprised of the Inmarsat Aero H+, Swift broadband and Iridium communication services, as well as a host of entertainment options. Yes, you can watch episodes of “Weed” in flight on Netflix’s not to be confused with Netjets Inc. who have ordered 50 Global business jets. As far as range goes this baby can do it with eyes wide shut. The adventure never stop’s for pure live performing artist the legend Prince, Bombardier, and My Name is Khan.

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