Chef Alberto Prince of Amalfi’s Dinner for King Schumacher-Abu Dhabi F1

Michael Schumacher is used to the rugged pace of traveling during the Formula One season. As the season come to an end, there will be a short window before the madness begins again for 2012, so where would you go away from Monaco or Switzerland and to entice Michael Schumacher to the Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi Chef Alberto Annarumma Prince of Amalfi prepared a dinner menu just for Michael Schumacher his family and guests. I have sampled the fares of Chef Alberto and they are mesmerizing and enchanting this was a few years ago but each and every bite of the food from his kitchen is embedded still in my memory. Chef Alberto has a wonderful family as well as the family at the luxury hotel in Amalfi so I reached out to Chef Alberto’s wife Lina and asked if he would consider preparing a menu for the great one, the man who know’s Italy so well himself the racing legend the man with ice focus, but one who does enjoy food the one and only Michael Schumacher. The music to this page is from a film that was shot in Spain and as Michael Schumacher has now been to India and seen all of bollywood at the Indian Formula One race this tune will dance it’s way into your heart and you will be on the next flight to Amalfi.
Wine suggestion from Maitre Massimo Pisciotta

Finger food starter

Red Sicilian prawns in a sauce of sour passion fruit

Cocktail calvados, vodka and passion fruit juice


Tuna tartar New style

Vermentino colli di Luni DOC – Cantine Lunae Bosoni – 2009


Tagliatelle Pasta of rice and squid ink, cuttlefish Teryaki, seaweed stewed vegetables

Chardonnay del Collio DOC – Livio Felluga – 2010


Risotto Carnaroli creamed zucchini and watercress pesto, mussels and tuna bottarga of Amalfi

Vernaccia della valle di Tirso IGT – A.V. Fratelli Serra – 2007

Main courses

Rare cooked tuna, spicy sauce yolk, Alba’s truffle

Sauvignon Blanc Vulcaia Fumè Veneto IGT – Inama – 2007


Belly’s Manzetta beef, garlic sauce

Aglianico del Vulture DOC – Elena Fucci – 2007


Small Amalfitane sweets

Passito Amrita A.A. DOC – Cantina Produttori Cortaccia – 2007

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