Khan, Schumacher and Michelin Star Chef F1 India

This year began with an adventure of discovery for My Name is Khan, infusing the west with the east, through fashion, food, films, music and formula one, preparing for the adventure that awaits at F1 of India.

I have always been curious to get to know new cultures, so I am looking forward to traveling to India, as I haven’t been there-Michael Schumacher

On the pages of My Name is Khan you have seen Indian fashion, met everyone that matters in bollywood as they came to Toronto for the IFFA Awards, been introduced to the essence of spices in Indian cuisine brought to you by Arvinda’s and now may I introduce you to the Three Kings who are all on the top of their game.

Shah Rukh Khan known as SRK by millions is expected in Toronto in forty-eight hours,  to open his film Ra One only to turn around and return to India for India’s very first Formula One race. Is he bigger then any Hollywood star, oh yes he is if you consider 600 million people on cell phones  are keeping track of him.

Michael Schumacher is a King among F1 drivers and I have been around the sphere of Michael since he began racing for Team Benetton. Even today I look in amazement at the Benetton cards celebrating the first three wins framed on the wall, not knowing that Michael Schumacher was just warming up. Michael closed a circle in his life by coming back to where he started with Ross Brawn and Mercedes. Michael you have to come to India in your off time and next time I hope that you will come to Jaipur where magic rules and enjoy the history while in the comfort of the luxury of the Fairmont Jaipur who have catered to the best of bollywood in Toronto, so they too like you are on top of their game. There is no doubt Michael is rocking India the media is buzzing,  but then this is India where red is blue and blue in green. Mercedes Benz India is the lead sponsor of the glitzy dazzling Amber Lounge Delhi and so you can be assured that a party not to be forgotten will be taking place in India and Micheal will be present and the music will carry you away  as if on a magic carpet. In India they love music and they love to dance.  I hope you brought your dancing shoes.

Chef Vineet Bhati awarded the Michelin star  I have known  for over twenty five years. I first met Chef Bhati with the late film producer Ismail Merchant at the London restaurant Star of India. Chef Vineet Bhati’s Rosi which is on the same street where I had my first flat in London is off King’s Road on Lincoln Street. Over the years I have seen Vineet always sparkle with new creations. Shah Rukh Khan or Michael Schumacher could not go without food and the food that is prepared by chef Vineet is a odyssey into the world of divine foods that leave you utterly speechless. This is a good thing. The adventure is just beginning for Michael Schumacher because if you have not experienced India or Indian cuisine of chef Vineet Bhati you are still on the path of discovery.

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