You Talk’n to Me! Chef Marco Pierre White in Abu Dhabi

I love Chef’s who think like this,

“Eating is one of the most important aspects of living. I like indulging. I like to eat one food at a time, to savor each individual thing.”-Marco Pierre White

Chef Marco Pierre White is considered to be the hottest finest master chefs that the United Kingdom has ever produced, and in Abu Dhabi you will find his restaurants in the Fairmont Bab Al Bahr, if attending the film festivals or the Formula One race’s then stop in take the time and savor the food from the kitchens of this master chef.  All Chef’s are artisit’s and so expect them to behave as such and this old school rocker molded in the manner of Mick Jagger is just that, a rock star chef, who likes food, wine, women.  Two things are certain about Chef Marco Pierre White, he is talented, very talented, and he has personality.  If you meet a Chef without personality, please, please walk-out the food will be just like the Chef. In Super Chef at My Name is Khan you will only meet those who have the creative style to break the mold and innovate food sending your sense’s hurling into orbit of some distant planet.  Chef Marco Pierre White is also like Marlon Brando.  While Mick Jagger went googo, gaga over his knighthood, Kieth Richards or Ronnie Wood would just balk at it.  Chef Marco Pierre did the same, awarded the three stars of Michelin something no one had achieved in the United Kingdom Chef Marco Pierre renounced the award and retired from cooking. In 2002 he was named the AA Chef of the Decade.  This is my kind of guy.  Good films are not about Oscars it’s all about the passion for the art, from making films, driving F1 cars, music, being a creative director of a fashion house it’s the passion that propels one to keep on going.  The kitchen of Chef Marco Pierre White is constantly in flux, and always innovating.  Perhaps one day I can take you inside the kitchen of this master  Chef Marco Pierre White in Abu Dhabi on My Name is Khan.

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