Deutschland Deutschland über alles- Again! F1

Formula One is a matter of seconds, and the man who knows how to turn the heat up on the German Sebastian Vettel is none other the United Kingdoms Jenson Button. Red Bull crew sent out coded messages “be ready line one” sent everyone in Singapore guessing what that really meant. Button wore through his 2mm of rubber on his tires, leaving him no traction, and pitted, which gave Vettel the opportunity to pit as well with ten seconds in hand to get fresh tires. The chase was on. Button and McLaren threw caution to the wind, and went after Vettel. Button was closing in with his charge being diluted by traffic, sort of like finding water in your Johnny Walker. Vettel fell one point short of the world championship win, and Button must now finish every other race remaining with a win to get the championship. This will get resolved in Japan, next stop for racing, the fire works lighted up the night sky, it’s time to hit the Amber Lounge and a concert by Linkin Park. The party the action never stops for Jenson Button, Linkin Park, Sebastian Vettel and My Name is Khan. Now where is that Johnny Walker bottle.

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