Modeling- how Young is Young !

Valerija Sestic, she walked the catwalk in New York for big labels and in Milan did if for D&G, and she is just 15. Everyone has heard the stories, she was 13 when she was discovered, at a coffee shop, she was 12 when she was discovered. I was in a relationship with a girl who had been a model and was discovered at 15 and she took off to live in New York at 16 where she began her modeling career. The girl with whom I had a relationship once admitted to me herself that she had been her own worst enemy at that age as she had no one guiding her, at the age of 25 I asked her to travel all over with me and she told me she just wanted to stay in one place, as she had lived all her teen years in a suite case and hotels doing shows in Milano, New York, Paris etc, etc, you get the picture. It’s one very tough business, and then there is the sleazy side to it as well. A few weeks prior to London and Milan Fashion week at the Toronto International Film Festival and later in October at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival Girl Model a documentary tackles the question of young models. The film Girl Models is an excellent film if you will be in Abu Dhabi I highly recommend this film. The film follows a complex supply chain between Siberia, Japan, and the U.S. within the modeling industry. It is a compelling story told through the eyes of a scout, agency and a 13 year-old model. It is directed by David Redmon and Ashley Sabin who I will chase up and get you an in-depth story from Abu Dhabi Film Festival.

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