Mausam will waltz into your heart!

Get a great script, add a sweeping sound track, get your father Pankaj Kapoor  to star opposite you for the very first time in this case Shahid Kapoor, not only manages to do this he get’s behind the camera for his directorial debut film Mausam also staring Sonam Kapoor, and you thought Hollywood was incestuous.  Mausam will be premiered at Toronto International Film Festival. The question is will the Kapoor hang their hats at Four Seasons Hotel in Toronto?

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They just might. The film is about Four Seasons. Four Colours. Four different age groups of our protagonists. Four true historical events. It is after all from Bollywood, and one thing Bollywood film-makers do so well is tell you a love story with the magic that is India. It is about universal love, and why not! after all the film itself was shot in Nepal, Edinburgh, Switzerland and India. The musical track was composed by Pritam while the lyrics are penned by Irshad Kamil. Hermann Hesse wrote in my favorite book of all Siddhartha,” Into her shady grove stepped beautiful Kamal, at the entrance of the grove stood the brown Samana. Deeply he bowed, having glimpsed the lotus blossom, for which he was thanked by smiling Kamala. More lovely, thought the youth, than sacrificing to the gods, more lovely it is to sacrifice to beautiful Kamala”

The Kapoor’s welcome to my home town an egalitarian city of universal love with Four Seasons and the home of Four Seasons Hotel group, for your film of Four Seasons. Shahid Kapoor, Pankal Kapoor, and Sonam Kapoor add to the creative magic, the discovery of love here on My Name is Khan.

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