UK Thugs! Do you know what love is?

There was tension in the air, thick and still, as if a Samurai warrior could slice through it with his katana like a hot knife through butter. Rioting was imminent. Parts of the city would burn, looters would take to the streets, while Mick Jones and Lou Gramm after a long time apart sat in the tranquil enclave by the pool of the Sunset Marquis Hotel to talk about re-uniting the band Foreigner. Mick’s brother Kevin and I looked from afar, soon venturing off to the nearby Argyle Hotel on Sunset to take a seat with excellent vantage point of part’s of Los Angels burning while ordering a Chivas on the rocks. While LAPD marshaled it’s forces’s and Korean store keepers stood on top of their stores with guns to shoot any thugs that would do harm to their property,many of my friends called and informed me they were loaded and ready, helicopter’s dotted the sky like scattered stars carelessly thrown. It was on this day Mick and Lou reached an accord to re-unite and tour once again as Foreigner. Mick and Lou turned tragedy into art with music.
Lou Gramm is no longer with the band and for that matter no one from that period is except it’s English founding member from Portsmouth Mick Jones. It was ironically eerie that once again I would be united with Foreigner in my home town of Toronto while some parts of the UK burned and smoldered because of rioting thugs, who’s rapacious trajectory for moral insanity is the cause of this tragedy. These are the kind of idiots that don’t get out much. The cloud hung over-head as the strobe lights flickered and Foreigner came on stage and began playing as if they had just dropped off their bags backstage and were knocking on your door. Not hard like a copper, but also not afraid to bang and say, “Hey! I’m fuck’n outside your fuck’n door”. The music comes and goes on the wind, it comes and goes to the brain. It let’s you hopscotch through time. Mick lay’s down some of his hypnotic rock riff’s and I get a flash back of his mom telling me about his guitar in Portsmouth and Mick never wanting to leave it. The band began playing a song Mick wrote “I want to know what love is”, and I thought of Portsmouth and all in the UK and wondered do those thugs really know what love is? This man from Portsmouth song still moves me, and that is art, so let’s once again turn tragedy into art, call your radio stations tell them play this song ” I wanna know what love is”, Tweet it to all in the UK, send it by Blackberry, Facebook it! UK has withstood many nasty vicissitudes of life it will over-come this but let everyone in UK ponder the words and the tune of “I wanna know what love is”, by Foreigner and Mick Jones. The quest to make a difference never stops at My Name is Khan.

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Foreigner – I Wanna Know What Love Is

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