Button kicks the Pest out of Buda with a win!

The women of Budapest sprinkled the glam at the F1, those women shot-putter with mustaches are no longer. These are the day's in Budapest of Barbara Palvin, who was discovered in 2006 with her first breaking photo in Spur. The clouds above where also sprinkling causing havoc both on the track and in the pits with D'Ambrosio spinning out in pit lane fortunately not hitting anyone or anything. It came down to the tires, everyone pulling into the pits for slicks or intermediates. This is F1 racing, the pressure-cooker. Button was on slicks trying to make them last to the end of the race, and the pressure from Vettel, and Alonso was relentless. F1 racing is about ambsace. Towards the end of the race, Vettel clicked in his fastest time of the race, while Button was just keeping the gap. In New York it all about the "New York minute", and in Budapest it was all about winning by seconds. Button managed to take the checkered flag, with Vettel second, Alonso third, and Hamilton managed to hold of Webber with a fourth place finish. In life my friends it ain't over till it's over, it's F1 it's speed, man and machine, team-work and the influence's of nature. It all here with Button and the boys of F1 providing the action today on My Name is Khan.

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