Yar! Ferrari, Samosa and Cobra Beer at British F1!

English men and women have been laughing at danger for a long time. Virtue to them is no stranger, so you better beware, and better take care. Prince Harry certainly was, examining rubber with Damon Hill, and Ron Howard flew in from LA. Vijay and his Force India Team girls were ” va va yar”!, Miss Britian was all smiles and very English and thank god this is one Grand Prix you can have Cobra Beer and Samosa, and not that usual run of the mill food at an F1 race. Drama oh yes, there was drama in the pits, but we all know “shit happens”!, that’s part of the sport of life and racing in F1. Ferrari’s Alonso won it, followed by Vettel, Webber, Hamilton, and Massa.
Viva Ferrari!!! it’s a party at My Name is Khan.

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