Girls who get the party started!

The sandal meets hot cement as the girls in lipstick dress, with sashay sway, came my way, blue eyes, blond hair, hazel eyes, brown hair, dark eyes and black hair. The kinda a girls who could run barefoot while shooting a double barrel gun, but at Honda’s Indy there just gonna have fun! It’s part of racing and the girls of Budweiser were going to make sure you had fun and didn’t go thirsty. The girls of Shoeless Joe’s made sure you wouldn’t go hungry. The girls of with candy scent were all bubbly and if you needed more credit cards, the smiling girls of Presidents Choice Mastercard, and the informative Sheerti of Bank of Montreal could get you all hooked up. These girls had their game on, they were in the zone. The zone is Honda Indy in Toronto it’s like a “WOK” girls, drivers, gasoline, fast cars, blue sky, is the right mix for a great party. This up close and personal look is all at My Name is Khan and the girls in lipstick red dress are ready to make it rock. Let’s get the party started.

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