Boyancé lays her mac down in Central Park!

In a city that never sleeps is perhaps the most famous park of all Central Park. The aroma of Central Park on any given day can be the that of fresh cut grass, popcorn, cloves, cotton candy, hot dog on a grill, manure, and apple cider to name but a few. In the midst's of these aromas is none other then the talented classy lady Boyancé. The free summer concert drew massive crowds that had lined the streets from early morning. But then who sleeps in New York, it's where one can get anything, anytime. There is no place on the planet like it, and no one can come close to being it. Boyancé will soon be directed by one of my favorite directors Clint Eastwood in the film "A Star is Born", this should be a cake walk for Boyancé. The party never stops as My Name is Khan never sleeps.

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