F1 Mi chica super modelo en rojo Valentino Viva Valencia!

Her sexy eyes/that whiskey gaze/her red red lips will drop you dead/those long long legs in Valentino reds/ my super model chick in Valentino red.
Fashion and F1 have always converged and why not in Valencia. Ferrari has it’s red, and Valentino has his, the dress, shoes, watch strap, hand bag, scarf, and not to mention Hublot watch F1 Europe with a dash of red. Ferrari have the Puma reds, and red is sexy. The street race begin in Valencia the Bulls take the show to the road with Vettel, Webber, followed by Hamilton, and the Ferrari’s of Alonso, and Massa. Who will take the Bulls out? could Alonso be the “matador” in his red Ferrari. Hold on and look out for my super model chick in Valentino red. The fun, the party, the adventure never stops on My Name is Khan.

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