Come fly with me! IIFA Awards Rock YYZ

The electric pulse was turned up a watt each minute for those waiting for Bollywood stars to roll out of the Royal York Hotel the nerve centre for IIFA Awards in Toronto. Yet, some where still arriving jet lagged regardless of the luxurious comforts aboard the Emirate airline and escorted by the ever attentive Emirate flight attendants. Now why don’t we have this airline flying daily into Canada? Hello! you don’t get this kind of service anywhere. The streets had been over-run by flash-mobs breaking out in a dance, while others waited in the Library bar, sampling the exotic libations. The bar had prepared Raj Kapoor, Fairmont Jaipur Pink Mojito , Filmi Fizz, and Kashmir. As the King of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan the star of My Name is Khan made his way a civil pandemonium broke out, while other stars signed autographs for adoring fans. Hollywood may make blockbusters, but no one in the world has a fan base of over a billion people and Bollywood stars do. There was a fashion show to rock the town and a tribute to the King of pop, Mr. Micheal Jackson. Enjoy “This is it” co-written by Micheal Jackson whom I never had the chance to meet and my fellow Canadian friend Paul Anka.This is all a warm up for more to come when things really take-off like an Emirate supersonic jet and you can fly with us at My Name is Khan into the stratosphere.

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