Anil Kapoor an Englishman and the Oscar!

I don't care what anyone says but nothing has done more for Bollywood then the film "Slumdog Millionaire" directed by Danny Boyle starring the Ambassador for IIFA Anil Kapoor. If there is a Bollywood dream this was it. Forget everything else give me the Oscar baby! and yes Oscars they gave, 8 Oscars, and $326 million global box office. Anil Kapoor broke new ground as a Bollywood star having bridged the cultural devide with his role in the popular television drama 24 starring Kiefer Sutherland my fellow Canadian who played the role of Jack Bauer. Bollywood's IIFA Awards in Toronto the first in North America is going to change the Bollywood game forever, that cultural divide is long gone and now it's time for other Bollywood stars and stories to cross over. Respect, to Dalton McGuinty the Premier of Ontario for having the vision in hosting this event in the city that is Hollywood North and forever changing the equation. Anil Kapoor kicks of  the IIFA Awards 2011 party in Toronto on My Name is Khan where the party never stops.

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