Formula 1 Monaco Preze’s car disintegrates!

While Hamilton, Vettel, Button and Alonso have been ripping up the track, those with the good presence of mind have taken the time to hit the beach, decided to do lunch on the yachts, as Q3 starts. Tires are again playing a big role for Red Bull, McLaren and Ferrari all three teams have two options. With four minutes to go Perez had a terrible crash as he hit the wall coming out of the tunnel. Perez held on to his helmet as he went into the wall. Both the fire and Ambulance crew were on site and brought out a neck protector as many people were around the site of the accident assisting. Perez had gone a little wide coming out of the tunnel which caused him to clip the barrier and lose control hitting the padded barrier as his car disintegrated. It is thanks to the safety at F1 that this crash did not end badly.  The barrier got built and drivers let there cars loose on the track again. They finished with Vettel, Button, Webber, Alonso, MSC, Massa, and Hamilton.

Tonight is the time to party and the place to be is eleven Monte Carlo , where everything is done in style. Head out to my favorite oasis first introduced to me by Christian Viros former CEO of  Tag Heuer, the Chateau Chever D’Or, in Eze Village the absolute best place to have a bottle of Rosé  Champagne. Dinner should be in St-Paul-de-Vence at La Colombe d’Or and prior to starting dinner let them know you will want the Soufflé, which is the best in the world.  After dinner you can still make it to the Amber Lounge, it’s heating up and the Mayhem in Monaco is only hours away at My Name is Khan.

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