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As Global Ambassador for Om Magazine it gives me great pleasure to introduce this luxury, the art of time. Both online and in print it opens another world of fashion, that timeless piece the wrist watch. Recently an acquaintance of mine the Formula 1 impresario Bernie Ecclestone was mugged in London losing his expensive time piece. Next time Bernie will have a bigger time piece and this time it could become a weapon. A watch can be a captivating fashion item. I once walked into an office and the Chairman of the company was wearing a watch that captured my attention. He admired my Mont Blanc Meisterstuck LeGrande in 18k gold also used in the 007 film “Octopussy” , staring Roger Moore as James Bond. This was my very first barter deal, I gave him my pen in exchange for his Tiffany Breguet watch. Welcome to the luxury of time with Om and some of the people who have crossed my path and the wrist watches they have worn. The adventure of time begins at MY NAME IS KHAN.

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