F1 Shanghai Showtime fliengenden Deutsch!

F1 world champion Sebastian Vettel die fliengenden Deutsch and the Brit Jenson Button will be joining Vettel in the front row of the grid and his team mate Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg will make up the second row followed by the two Ferrari’s of Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa. The knights of McLaren Jenson and Lewis feel the improvements in the car, Jenson stated, “it’s my best grid slot of the year. We’ve improved the car a lot and we should be happy with the P2.” While Lewis Hamilton had problems with the tyres last race commented ” I have a very decent set of tyres for the race”. Shanghai is a great city with great restaurants, clubs, especially in the Bund district which was a British settlement in the 1800s on the outskirts of the walled-city of Shanghai. Here the the place to stay is the latest luxury hotel The Peninsula Shanghai.  While the Bund is great my preference is the Grand Hyatt Shanghai Hotel in the Pudong district.  Reception for the hotel is on the 57th floor and the view from the 87th floor leaves you with the feeling of floating on a cloud. My favorite place to dine is Art Salon restaurant on Nanchang Lu 164, this is Matisse meets Shanghai if you were making a Hollywood pitch. Don’t rush your meal here, it’s supposed to be a leisurely affair and you can buy anything that catches your eye from the table, art, chopsticks, lamps or the chair you are sitting on. Tomorrow brings “Showtime in Shanghai” and it seems that the knights of McLaren Jenson and Lewis may soon present a challenge to Deutsch F1 supremo Vettel.

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