Charlie Sheen Foo Fighters rock the Ritz

It had been a few years since I had a drink. While it was planned to commence in the very near future, with Charlie Sheen rolling into town on a private jet and the rockers Foo Fighters, it was time to throw in the towel and start at Bar Deq at the Ritz. Jasmine the knowledgeable bartender, the friendly, attentive servers at Bar Deq were ready to get the party started. The evening for me at this oasis began slowly with the Chefs new creation a cubic watermelon champagne infused compressed salad. Not only is the salad presented in an instinctively artist manner it also tantalizes and refreshes the pallet. Those visiting from South of France, Tuscany, or LA, will feel right at home with this little teaser. As the tempo at Bar Deq picked up I observed the ballet being performed by Jasmine and the servers, who kept pace without missing a beat or loosing their smiles. It was time to step up the game. The next level was Belvedere vodka on the rocks and a dozen oysters from Tom Brodi’s TOCA seafood bar. The smell of the vanilla in the vodka hitting the nasal epithelial made me wonder why stop drinking at all. After all I am not planing to live forever. After a few more Belvedere vodka’s in limited supply at Bar Deq due to shelving space and having consumed the entire bottle it was time to move on.

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A cheese plate with recently delivered cheeses arrived and was accompanied with glass’s of McManis Chardonnay with impeccable legs. It would have been sinful not to try the selection of prosciutto and carpaccio’s escorted by a variety of home made chutneys. To close off the evening my friends and I switched to the McManis Pinot and were just in time to have some empanadas also from Tom Brodi’s TOCA restaurant. The serious party people and everyone knows who they are left the Ritz to party elsewhere.  Bar Deq is a winner, food, staff, cozy feel, and the real plus the terrace. The adventure of discovering bars begins at the Ritz with MY NAME IS KHAN. Charlie Sheen and Foo Fighters have a great tour dude’s, as for Mick whatever you do don’t get Jade upset that is one serious looking Jagger Dagger by Belvedere.

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