Ciao Ungaro

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If one is living life then one can always point to a place in some far flung city and say it began for me here. Paris is one such place I can say this about, as can many others. It all began for me in Paris on street lined with maple leaf trees on Avenue Montaigne at an apartment above The House of Emanuel Ungaro. For the last four years I have been watching Ungaro to see where it will go. It has great potential.  Asim Abdullah dished out a small ka-chang, ka-chang $84 million for the company, but it was never about the money it was about the passion to create. Is anyone really thinking big! at Ungaro! British designer Giles Deacon while having gotten some things right just missed the mark with the spring and summer collection. Fashion weeks are not just pretty spectacles, with pretty girls, but can be divine spectacles with pretty girls and pretty people. Giles is artistic and a provocateur. But COME ON MAN! let's get this show at Ungaro on the road. The adventure of discovery in fashion begins with Ungaro at MY NAME IS KHAN.

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