MY NAME IS KHAN-Vittel Wins Australia F1!

The Australians really know how to put on a great show. Today was no exception, this F1 race had it all, the crash, the rain, the eye candy, all the elements required in order to not have a boring affair.  The Australian I know never have a boring time and Melbourne, Australian F1 was anything but. The paddocks had the usual smell of light perfume and drab industrial stench, with a hint of smoke, and stale air. The grid girls with exquisitely sculpted legs, glowing with almond oil walked off the track and in a blink all mayhem had broken out.

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Sebastian Vettel’s Red Bull starting for pole position rapidly and mechanically maintained his lead over McLarens’s Lewis Hamilton by 2 seconds in the first lap and never was in danger of loosing his lead.  The big surprise was the Russian Vitaly Petrov in the Renault finishing third his first podium finish, who drove a strong race. Lewis Hamilton was positive of the teams efforts in his second place finish. ” A week or two ago we were not expecting to be anywhere near the top five.” Fernando Alonso finished fourth followed by Australian Mark Webber. F1 in Australia brings with it the grace, the speed, the danger while nearby fifteen feet wall of water brings its own danger to the awaiting surfer. The drivers in their racing suits sheathed slick as seals, while the surfer appear like half-wave, half-man, the drivers become half-man, half-machine, grafted it seems. The pressure is constant, torque tugging at each limb for both the driver and the surfer. This was Melbourne, Australia. “This is just a taste of what is yet to come as MY NAME IS KHAN takes you for the adventure of discovery.


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