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    Chefs Who Rock - Chef Lukas Vyhnal - Le Papillon On The Park - Toronto

    Chefs Who Rock – Chef Lukas Vyhnal – Le Papillon On The Park – Toronto


    David Bowie loves food. Who can live without food, not just any food, but really good food. The David Bowie Is exhibit’s first stop on tour was Toronto. Toronto also host the number one film festival in the world, The Toronto International Film Festival. So I decided to go about photographing chef’s who rock their kitchen with the Jarrell guitar a very special guitar as you will see in the film David Bowie Is Around The World and who plays this guitar, yes take a guess.

    Chef Lukas Vyhnal has done his bit in the big leagues of luxury and prepared meals for billionaire Lakshmi Mittal whose daughter Vanisha Mittal’s wedding was the second most expensive in recorded history. He is certainly a “Chef Who Rocks”.

    If like me you love old Montreal then you will love Le Papillon On The Park. The summer is here so enjoy their tree-lined rooftop patio (cocktails are just wow and refreshing ). Executive Chef Vyhnal and his team will serve you the freshest organic produce from their Rooftop Organic Garden. This is the best place in Toronto to get a taste of authentic French-Canadian accented with French classics.

    I don’t care for stuffy and when David Bowie and I went out to dinner we never did stuffy (Bowie did wear a tie and jacket but then he is a Londoner) I like to keep it chilled and casual. Would I take Bowie to dinner and introduce him to the team of Chef Vyhnal at Le Papillon On The Park, absolutely, these guys can rock the kitchen and they are fun. Now that is the type of place you want to go eat at.

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    David Bowie Is - Around The World - In Production

    TIFF14 – Shemar Moore meets David Bowie – ‘Criminal Minds and Criminal World’


    I have never seen Shemar Moore in ‘Criminal Minds’ , but all I can say is that my mother for whom the show is like a good fix she has nothing but nice things to say about Moore and what a good speaker he is. David Bowie covered a song by Peter Godwin ‘Criminal World’.   It took The Toronto International Film Festival to bring them together in the lobby of The Ritz Carlton Hotel.

    Someone whom I have come to know Peter Godwin is a new wave musician who was part of the band Metro, as well as a solo artist and songwriter.  Peter was introduced to me by NJ Taylor a singer, songwriter, in Montreal.  She had sent me a text about Godwin this guy who I must meet because I am making a film David Bowie Is Around The World and she told me in a very excited manner and guess what David Bowie covered Godwin’s song ‘Criminal World’ .  Naturally I said yes I want to meet Godwin, because I know Bowie he is just not about to cover anyone unless there is something about their work that is speaking to him.

    N.J. Taylor , Shemar Moore and David Bowie ( well the Bowie paddle ) anyway are all at the Toronto film festival, it’s one of those once of a lifetime and less than six degrees of separation moment coming together and no one could have planned this better.

    Here are both versions of Godwin’s song ‘Criminal World’.