Girls I know who could be Bond girls – James Bond 007


As far James Bond 007 goes I’ve been lucky to have some history with Bond, Sean Connery well did his 50th birthday party on a yacht that’s another blog (coming next), Roger Moore class act who once entered Claridges with a look that said ‘Where do I go” so I escorted him and his companion to their table at Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant, Pierce Brosnan well I made a film with him before he became James Bond. The only Bond girl I know Barbara Bach is married to Ringo Starr, till my visit to Mexican Grand Prix. So I thought umm who are some of the girls I know who could be Bond girls? Here are a few there are more but hey surfs up so I got to go. Check them out they are super girls, and give them a follow.

We just getting started , Don't Panic

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The Johnnie Walker moment Mexico Grand Prix 2015 -Unplugged ‘Besame Mucho’


Mexico City, what were you doing in Mexico City?

When a girl brings you a bottle of Johnnie Walker the global Whisky sponsor of Formula 1 in Mexico City and ask’s you to sing to her what you gonna do? you do what James Bond 007 would, just do it, while sipping on some great whiskey. BAM!

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