KOJAWAN Bar, Restaurant and Art Gallery It’s Like Life On Mars and Purple Rain

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Something amazing has just landed in the UK from another planet, right in the heart of London, near Park Lane. It’s called KOJAWAN. It’s a bar, restaurant and art gallery so unique that it’s hard to describe. Imagine if David Bowie and Stanley Kubrick got together with a few of their mates from Hollywood and decided to create the ultimate show: “Life on Mars remix 2016” but this time staged in an Asian metropolis.

This show goes on everyday from the rooftop of the Hilton Metropole, in a spectacular space serving wacky cocktails and delicious food by top chefs Bjorn van der Horst and Omar Romero. KOJAWAN is filled with cool pop art from Tokyo, Seoul, LA, NYC and even Toronto from fellow Canadian Sean Danconia.


The spectacular interiors have been conceived, designed and curated by London-based artist and designer Henry Chebaane into a retro-futuristic universe: a deliberate hybrid of genres, showing urban Asia like never before: part science fiction film set, part real-life pop music video evoking a kind of Andy Warhol’s’ silver factory for the 21st century.

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Prince The Legend Simply The Greatest From My Road Trips With The King Of Funk

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“He was such a legendary,artistic soul to the epitome of that term. He will never be replaced. – Corrine Hiebert

For me everything I do now began with Prince and his Welcome to Canada Tour.  When Prince started his tour in Toronto it was then I began experimenting and trying to get all kind of street people involved.  While I had several chances to see Prince live to be able to see him perform live in my home town after a long absence from Canada for me was one of the greatest highlights.   When I did go see Prince the show was beyond anything I could have imagined the energy of the man, his dance moves his voice and then to really take it over the top he gave eight encores.

The last time I would see Prince, I flew to Toronto from Cuba to let him know he was invited to Cuba to play anytime. Some people would say how can you be in Toronto when the Rolling Stones are playing in Havana.  To me this was very simple, Prince was going to just do something very simple the piano, in my hometown and if ever you are gonna present him with an invite why not in your hometown, after all Prince was doing something new, while the Rolling Stones where gonna do the same old stuff.

It is apparently been made quite clear to me that I made the right choice, as Prince showed the same mastery of the keyboards as he had demonstrated on guitar.  As I watched his second show I came to realize there would be no equal ever, the legend, the king of funk Prince was the man.

Here are some of my videos I was experimenting with during his road trip.

The Pizza everyone else eat that was with Prince except Prince

The girls who became his designers because of this video uploaded that Prince saw. I would have to take everything in this video to Montreal so Prince could check it out. He loved it and made these girls his designers.

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Hill Kourkoutis Musician Filmmaker Has A Visit In Her Dream From David Bowie

Photo by Emma-Lee Photography | Hair/Make-Up by Stella Margaritis

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“I’m just an individual who doesn’t feel that I need to have somebody qualify my work in any particular way. I’m working for me.” – David Bowie 60 Minutes 2002

David Bowie named his yacht ‘Deneb Star C’ ( Deneb) the brightest star in the constellation Cygnus. Bowie while in a courageous battle with cancer before his death released  ‘Black Star’.   The stars in the sky have been guiding humankind since time began and it’s in these sky’s that the Greek gods live. These deities or gods presided over the elements of sky, light and heavens.  They at times to amuse themselves play chess with the lives of those who live on earth.  The gods of Greek mythology, can whirl us into the nasty vicissitudes of life or into a magical space and it is up to us to recognize this and act upon it.

Hill Kourkoutis, is a award-winning songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist, performer and filmmaker from my home town of Toronto, and a day after David Bowie’s death she was placed into such a magical space.

Holy Holy a band formed by Bowie’s longtime producer Tony Visconti and his one-time drummer Mick (Woody) Woodmansey, named after an obscure 1971 Bowie single was playing at The Opera House in Toronto.  The Holy Holy gig booked since December took on new meaning since the passing of the ever-evolving, boundary-kicking artist.

Holy Holy two gig’s in Toronto had sold out, and now this Canadian girl with Greek heritage ( don’t forget those Greek gods I was telling you about),  because just like that, a ticket to sold out show found its way into the hands of Hill.  While Hill was apprehensive about a tribute concert as Tony Visconti said on the stage in Toronto to the nine hundred people, “The reason why we’re doing this is about 46 years ago Woody and I were the original musicians who played this album, so technically we’re not a tribute band; we are the real deal”.

Hill was in the space now feeling the emotion of the musicians on stage and all those Bowie fans the ‘community’  she was listening to them playing “Ziggy Stardust,” and a couple of those lyrics had poignant meaning, too: “Became the special man/then we were Ziggy’s band” was fitting since Visconti and Woody were Ziggy’s band.

Hill that night was transported to another universal dimension, emotionally overwhelmed she would confess to me that after the gig that night in her dreams David Bowie came to visit, ( yes folks David Bowie is not dead, yes physically but his spirit lives), after all she was placed in my path and I quickly recognized why Bowie would have like her.

So who is Hill Kourkoutis you ask?  Well she is in her mid twenties  but as she told me she has sixty years of work under her belt having played all the dingy places, or living it as they say.

Hill as a performer and musician has played for Serena Ryder, The Weeknd, Martha and the Muffins, Tara Slone, The Cliks, Saidah Baba Talibah, Keisha Chante and Dane Hartsell, to name a few.  Hill through this collective of pursuits has  had the opportunity to tour across North America, Europe and Asia that led to many television appearances including The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, the Juno Awards and the MuchMusic Video Awards. Hill was a part of an array of musical projects including the indie alt/pop/rock band Drowning Girl, before pursuing her current solo project Hill & The Sky Heroes, an alien/surf-rock band.

Hill has also acted, and directed music videos and won several awards directing.  I told her to me she seemed like the film director Jodie Foster and that should tell you something.

Hill like the quote above by Bowie creates for herself, she is not looking for fame, she is purely a creative person stimulated by the community which is her anchor.  Hill in her own small way wants to create a shift for the positive she has been fortunate to have been able to make a living pursuing her passions, whether that be playing music, directing, acting, doing talk shows on television or whatever comes her way.  Like Bowie who said –

“I suppose for me as an artist it wasn’t always just about expressing my work; I really wanted, more than anything else, to contribute in some way to the culture I was living in.” – David Bowie

Hill has David Bowie looking out for her and I have a very good feeling that something magical is around the corner from the girl who wants to buy a house one day and grow her own vegetables, while enriching the collective community around her.

Heavens are smiling upon you because you are in luck as Hill & The Sky Heroes are playing on April 25th.



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Play List For A Formula 1 Driver China Grand Prix Sunday April 17


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Chinese Grand Prix A 360 View ‘Autographs’

Teams deploying new ways to get fans involved and soon you will see something very exciting but it’s not coming from F1 it will be the teams that deliver new fan engagement

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